Have you ever tried to cross a creek where you had to strategically search for each stepping stone so you could successfully traverse the creek without ending up in the water? If so, then you know how much thought is involved. You ask yourself repeatedly, “Will this rock be sturdy?” And looking at the next rock isn’t enough, it’s important to have a good vision of all the rocks that will lead you to the other side of the creek.

Maybe this visual brought back fond memories of being a kid. Maybe you even remembered a time when you had a misstep and ended up in the water, even though you were so careful. Avoiding the water was definitely the challenge and the goal, but this journey was never dangerous. Actually, it was fun, even when you had a misstep.

What you really want in life can be obtained the same way that you successfully traversed the creek. One stepping stone at a time. Carefully thinking about your next move. Looking all the way to the end. And yes, occasionally falling in. When you fell in as a kid, what did you do then? Right. You got back on a sturdy rock and continued your journey. The same is true now. See, you’ve already done this! What are you waiting for? Go for it!

With Gratitude,

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