“In the confrontation between the rock and the stream, the stream always wins—not through strength but by perseverance.” H. Jackson Brown

I was looking at my foot the other day and I noticed a callus. I have had this callus for years. It has remained with me because of the wear and tear I continue to put on my feet not only from running and the constant stop and start of tennis, but also from painfully abusing my feet in the dreaded high heel. 

Calluses are incredibly interesting. It is where the skin hardens, as a result of repeated friction, to create some form of protection so that the injured area can heal. The hardened area also becomes much less sensitive. What once was raw and painful, is now covered in this thick skin, so to remind us of where the wound once was.

As I looked at my foot, I thought about my life. There are some places where, due to some repeated friction, my skin is definitely thicker. I don’t regret the friction, but I am very grateful for the callus. I needed that protective layer. The callus allows me to be the stream and persevere. Maybe you can look at your calluses differently now. They may be ugly but they sure have been helpful!

With Gratitude,


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