Relationships can be tricky. When I refer to relationships I mean all kinds. We have relationships with friends, colleagues, family, spouses, partners, children, etc. All of these relationships tend to ebb and flow as time passes. Some relationships last forever and some end. When things are good, they’re great and when things are bad, they’re awful. 

Here is the interesting fact I find with relationships that are struggling: everyone loves to talk about how the other person screwed up. We get mad and angry and maybe even sad too. We say things like “How could they?” and we are right—well, we are at least right from our side of the relationship. There are always two sides and more often than not, I find, both sides have a point. The truth is we are upset because we care.

This weekend I attended an absolutely beautiful wedding in upstate New York. What I didn’t know until the wedding began was that the groom’s mom had passed away just two years before this most joy-filled occasion. I held onto that heavy detail all night. It made me rethink some of my relationships. Was “tricky” really the right adjective for relationships or was “treasured” a better one? If that person were to be gone forever, is this where you would want to leave it? If your answer is “No,” then maybe a conversation is needed. “Can we talk?” is always a good beginning. The moment we realize there are always two sides to every story, the mending has already begun. Will you join me in mending a treasured relationship today?

With Gratitude,

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