“Life is short, fragile and does not wait for anyone. There will NEVER be a perfect time to pursue your dreams & goals.” – Unknown

Have you ever thought about time? She waits for no one. She’s ruthless. She doesn’t care how rich you are, or how good looking. She’s not impressed with your title, position, seniority, or degree. She unflinchingly marches forward with resolute determination to complete the task with which she has been given. 

Our life is made up of time. Unfortunately we aren’t told how much time we are going to be allotted. Some people are very aware that the clock is ticking and others act as if she is an endless commodity. Today, spend a few moments being aware of time and how it relates to you, your loved ones, your dreams, and your goals.

Time’s job is to move forward – period. But as long as we remain keenly aware of that, we can make it a priority to make every day count. Ask questions like “What do I want in my life?” “Is this the job I want?” “Who do I need to talk to or tell them I love them?” Time’s task is simple. We need to outwit time by no longer drifting through life as if time stood still. Grab hold of your life and live the heck out of it! Time may be merciless, but I bet we can give her a run for her money!! Give it a go – what have you got to lose?

With Gratitude,

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