Do you have any memorable moments in your life when someone said something that upset or angered you? The person might be a family member or a complete stranger. The incident might be many years old now but the words still sting. Maybe you even have some resentment (or a lot) toward this person as a result. You’re justified, right? 

Their words were definitely hurtful, I agree. And you have every right to be upset. Today, I want you to ask yourself “Have I completely judged this person based on one statement?” I have unequivocally done that, and sadly, not just once. Now ask yourself a powerful follow-up question, “Would I want to be judged for life based on one sentence uttered from my mouth?

My mouth often operates independently from my brain—or perhaps my brain is on a 7-second delay much like our t.v. stations. Only mine is backward; my brain doesn’t catch the words until they have already spewed out. I have many “Ugh” moments and apologies. You might not be ready to give everyone a pass, but if we don’t want to be judged based on one sentence then maybe we should extend the same courtesy to others. Just a thought…

With Gratitude,

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