Yesterday, I was chatting with my friend, Richard, who had joined us on a hike we took back in February with the young adults of UrbanPromise Trenton. He explained how he was always hesitant to get involved with any non-profit because he wasn’t sure he would be able to make a full commitment given how busy his life is. He’s an all-in kind of guy. He didn’t want to disappoint anyone, including himself.

As Richard and I discussed this, I could completely empathize with his thoughts and feelings. I definitely have said, “No” to many things when I could have said, “I’d like to check it out.” Surely “No” eliminates a lot. But Richard took a risk and came on the hike, and even he’s not sure why he said “Yes” this time, but it was good. He commented, “I really enjoyed myself and I met a few really nice kids; one in particular moved me with his story.” And he added, “Now I realize that saying ‘Yes’ was just to the hike. It has opened the door for me to say yes again, when I can, on my terms, without letting anyone down.”

What an AHA moment for me! Have you ever felt like Richard? I certainly have! Are you volunteering for a non-profit? I believe we all should be, but maybe the reason we aren’t is a commitment issue. Be brave, like Richard. Say yes to a hike. Kick the tires. Try all different non-profits until you find the one that fits you like a glove. That will be where you belong. But whatever you do, don’t continue to say, “No.” Someone out there really needs you—and they are waiting and hoping, maybe even praying, you will say, “Yes!” Let’s GO! Be Brave!

With Gratitude,


PS Let the Mayo Clinic tell you why you should be volunteering regularly:

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