As some of you know, I agreed to participate in an 8-week bike challenge. The 3-4 workouts each week are pre-set, so we don’t get to chose what we want to do, but we do have a week to get it done. Yesterday, I did not want to do the ride that was scheduled—not even a little bit. I procrastinated almost all day, but eventually succumbed and did it, albeit with an ample amount of disdained and resentment. But now it’s water under the bridge and the next one awaits for Wednesday. Why am I sharing this?

This is an example of exactly what life is all about. It’s exactly what we don’t want to do that will make is stronger and better. It’s what we don’t want to do that will pave the way for the personal growth that we truly want. It’s what we don’t want to do that we really should be doing. But how do we create a mindset that embraces DOING exactly what we don’t want to do? It’s counterintuitive, for sure.

The truth is that we all know what we should be doing, but we create a story in our mind to defend the very reason we are not doing it. Let’s look at what we want. Do you want a new job? Then do what you don’t want to do like networking, resume building, and applying. Do you want to lose weight? Then do what you don’t want to do and stop eating the foods that aren’t good for you. Answer the question for yourself: I really want ________. Now really explore ALL the things you don’t want to do, because they are the very things you and I should be doing. Counterintuitive—Yes! Necessary? Also a Yes. As always, it’s your choice, but I write these posts everyday to help that voice inside your head say, “Yes,” to everything that it really wants to say, “No,” to doing. Today I hope you’ll decide to say “Yes” for you.

With Gratitude,


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