Have you settled into a routine yet during this global lock-down? Most people I have spoken to have and have not; it’s a bit complicated. They seem to sort of have a routine, but not really. Things are being pushed to the periphery that should not be and vice versa. Every day they have a new routine, slightly different from yesterday’s. We all seem to still be trying to nail down this new normal, although it’s a bit like trying to put your finger on mercury—the little bugger keeps moving.

How do you fix it? How do you really nail down the routine that you want to stick with, the one that’s best and most productive for you? One thing is certain, leaving it to chance each day is not the answer. The question we need to ask ourselves at the start of each day is this: What’s most important? Now pick your top 3 things.

Once you have decided on the 3 most important things to do that day, populate your calendar with them (an exact time is critical). Leaving anything to chance in life rarely works out. If it’s a top 3 item and at the end of the day you say, “I didn’t get to that today,” there better be a really good reason why, especially if it has to do with your health and well-being. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Create the order you are looking for — no one else will.

With Gratitude,

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