My friend, Terry, stopped over the other day to offer me some of her books she no longer wanted. As she was putting them in a box in my garage, she gave me a quick synopsis of each one. She removed one from her crate and she started to laugh. She held the book up for me to see and declared, “This woman wrote a 300-page book on the word “could.” If she can write about one word, imagine what we could write?” And we both began laughing.

I didn’t read the book yet, but it certainly got me thinking. What if we applied two words to just about anything we’d like to solve: I COULD ____. How would you finish that sentence? What do you want to be better, different, changed? As the author, Pat Carrington, writes on the cover of the book, “it’s a remarkable way to defuse the problems you encounter every day.”

So today, having not read the book, perhaps we can apply the, “I could” method. I could stop eating chocolate. I could be a better steward of my finances. I could be more understanding. “I could” opens up the door of possibility, and once that door is open, our problems don’t seem so overwhelming. “I could” is the way out. And that, my friend, allows us all to breathe a small sigh of relief! Start here: I COULD…

With Gratitude,


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