Sometimes motivational quotes fall short for me. I find myself reading some brilliant and powerful quote and commenting, “Yes, but…” I say, “Yes, but…” because the quote needs a little tweak to make it complete (for me).

For example, the quote, “I am worthy,” is rather popular. I agree with it—we all are worthy right now without making one change. But that quote needs more. I want everyone to finish the sentence, I am worthy of WHAT? Are we worthy of happiness, being loved, respected, success, riches, belonging, kindness, forgiveness, etc.? Which one makes you uncomfortable? That’s the one for which you are not feeling worthy, so take note.

“I am worthy of…,” is us telling the universe how we feel about our own self-worth, so how we finish this statement is not only important but critical. Nothing needs to happen to make us worthy except us actually believing it to be so. So there’s the rub—we are the only thing standing between us and feeling worthy of everything from happiness to love. The truth is, we are worthy of everything!

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