Tuesday morning I was returning home from a run. From the start, everything about this run was a mental (and physical) battle. The last part of the run was an ever so gradual incline to the top of my street and then a right turn to finish with a flat 50-yard straightaway. During the incline, I told myself I could quit at the stop sign and walk the last 50 yards. In my head, I had done enough and quitting was not only acceptable but also justified. But then it happened…

As I reached the corner, my Spotify playlist started playing “Hey Look Ma, I Made It,” by Panic! At The Disco. How could I stop running while trying to belt out those lyrics? Then something else happened; I heard more of the lyrics that I’d never really paid attention to, “If it’s a dream, don’t wake me.” Light bulb! Stay with me on this one—this is about what our heart dreams for in life, not some silly run.

Coming up that incline, I had the choice to stay in the dream or wake up. We ALWAYS have that choice—yet we let fear and excuses take over and we intentionally wake up. We say things like, “Not now,” or “When things are better.” Staying in the dream is free, all it requires is that we are tenacious with our thoughts. What if your dream was a homework assignment with a due date? Would you look at it differently? Answer this question please: What is your dream? If you don’t have an answer, please give it some thought. Not having a dream is not OK. Let’s go! This is important. That’s my job: Dream Maker. I want this for you!

With Gratitude,
PS Trish Allen Kozub, I finally listened to some lyrics!! LOL!

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