I was in NYC yesterday for a presentation. I stopped at a little cafe for a cup of tea before my meeting. As I went to complete the transaction, up popped on the screen, “How much of a tip would you like to give?” I was given three options to choose from. No tip was not an option. I tipped, somewhat begrudgingly.

Let me be clear, I was a waitress for many years and I tip generously as a result. I paid for my college education with tips.I completely understand how the tip thing is suppose to work—especially when you are getting paid $2 an hour (which I was in the 80’s). Many of these cafes are forcing our hand, so to speak, into tipping someone who I believe is simply doing their job. There’s no tip for that!

A tip is for going above and beyond. A tip is for making me talk about the service after I have left the building. A tip is earned! Don’t lose the message here because you don’t work at a cafe for minimum wage. No matter where you work, be proud of your work ethic. Kick it up a notch. Are you going above and beyond? It’s not about the pay, it’s about your self-esteem. Make it impossible for someone not to talk about you and your work ethic today.

With Gratitude,

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