Yesterday, I was directed by a classmate to watch a TEDx talk by Lucy Hone, Phd. about resiliency and she did not disappoint. She declares that resiliency is not a fixed trait but rather one that we can willingly develop. Furthermore, she suggests that it’s important to develop our resiliency because the way we choose to think and act has a significant impact on how we feel and function in life.

So how do we become more resilient—especially now that we are in the middle of a global pandemic? I, for one, could use more resiliency right about now. Hone offers this tip she learned while studying at University of Pennsylvania: She asks herself, “Is this activity—the way I’m thinking or the way I’m acting—helping or harming me in my quest to get through this?” Simple, right? But brilliant in its simplicity.

Helping or harming? We should be using that question all day long! Is this ice cream helping or harming? Is my complaining about my job/boss/spouse helping or harming? Is reading another article about COVID helping or harming? Is perseverating on this negative thought helping or harming? This simple question is like a stop sign on a very long road; it forces is to pause and think before we move forward. Give it a try today. Sometimes, in life, the stop sign is exactly what we need.

With Gratitude,

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