Life is so crazy. It’s up and down. It’s happy and sad. It’s easy and difficult. On any given day, we just aren’t sure what we are going to get. What is a good day for us might be a horrible day for someone else. But what we can count on every day is that life keeps going, it waits for no one.

I look out my window every day and I see people walking their dogs, pushing their baby carriages, talking with neighbors and everyone seems great. But this is a snapshot in time and it definitely doesn’t tell the whole story.

Starting each day with intention is really important. Part of our intention could be that we remind ourselves that life can be really difficult and someone we encounter today may be struggling —and they will never let on that this is their current truth. How would you like to behave knowing this is true for many? Starting each day with compassion and empathy is important, it keeps us mindful of the struggle. We will often never know how our behavior helped or hindered someone else. Helped is what we’re shooting for, right?

With Gratitude,


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