Yesterday, I had the incredible pleasure of helping out with the UrbanPromise Trenton Harry Potter Book Club. Michael, their amazing teacher who is beyond passionate about experiential learning, wanted his students to bake from the Harry Potter Cookbook (yes, there is such a thing!) And so we did!!

Baking with nine 10-12-year-olds was a blast! Every child wanted to do everything. Some had never cracked an egg. Others had never smelled spices like nutmeg and clove. They were fully engaged for 3+ hours. And the smiles on these cutie pie faces were priceless! I know they had fun, but I don’t think it compared to how much fun I had.

Reading, baking, and kids—that’s definitely right up my alley. I was reminded yesterday how understaffed these non-profits can be. As we head into Thanksgiving and beyond, what’s right up your alley? Who could benefit from your “expertise?” Of one thing I am certain, no one will benefit more than you.

With a Grateful Heart,
P.S. I hope to have some pictures to share later on.

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