This week my leadership class will be discussing perseverance. This word has a Latin root meaning “steadfastness or constancy.” Angela Duckworth, from The University of Pennsylvania, may be the person most famous for making perseverance or grit a household word. We all love to think of ourselves as having both the grit and determination to persevere but what if we actually don’t have it?

Take a moment to think about where, in your life, you have developed a bit of apathy or indifference. The apathy may not be because you lack perseverance; it may simply be because it got hard or challenging. Sometimes the battle can become exhausting and draining. There are no laws around perseverance that state we can’t “pick up the sword and fight again.”

What situation, in your life, needs you to re-engage with your grit and determination? The sticktoitiveness of dogged perseverance does not state that we cannot become momentarily unstuck from the challenge. I know it was hard, and exhausting, and quite possibly draining, but it’s time to “pick up the sword” again.” This situation needs you. It truly can’t be done without you. This momentary rest may have been exactly what you needed. But it’s time now to re-engage. Are you ready? Me, too. Let’s go! We got this!

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