I was watching Le Tour de France yesterday—what an amazing race! This annual men’s multiple-stage cycling race, which is held primarily in France, has 21 day-long stages that take place over 23 days, and cover over 2,200 miles. It’s absolutely grueling, especially as they cycle through the Pyrenees and the Alps. I know there is only one winner but, in my eyes, if you finish this race, you’re a winner!

There is so much strategy deployed in winning Le Tour de France. The man who will ultimately stand on the final podium in the yellow jersey at the end of the race will be declared the winner, but he will not have gotten there alone. His team will have played a big part. But in the end, the winner will have ridden the full 2,200 miles himself. No one can ride for him or help him along in any way. He can’t take any shortcuts or alternate routes. He has to grind it out all by himself. It will be him, his bike, and his powerful mindset that crosses the finish line on the Champs-Élysées.

We are exactly like these professional cyclists— we really are, sans the bike. We have a team of people around us supporting us and helping us out, but in the end, it’s just us; we have to do the work to cross the finish line. And the keys to our success are our commitment to the hard work and tapping into that powerful mindset when things get tough. No one can “ride the bike” for us. Channel any one of these riders today and commit to having the mindset it takes to win! And be really grateful you don’t have to ride your bike through the Alps!

With Gratitude,


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