I recently took a class and like any good student, I was looking for answers. Unfortunately (and fortunately), the class didn’t provide answers, it only provided questions—lots and lots of questions. The reason the class only offered questions was because the answers were within me. 

I stumbled across a great question the other day which got me thinking and I hope it does the same for you. The question is: What are you holding onto that’s holding you back? Most people will read that question, linger for a moment on the ‘holding you back’ piece, know in their heart that there is definitely something holding them back, but then move on to their next task. UGH! There is was; that distinct moment when we had the chance to actually think it through. But instead of thinking, we moved on to the next thing in our busy life that needed to get done. Thinking takes too long. Back onto the hamster wheel we go. Go, go, go!

Today, I am challenging all of us to carve out 15 minutes to answer that question. Literally, set a timer. Really think it through and write down your answers. What do you think the value of that answer is? It might not be priceless, but it definitely has a price. This could be a critical cornerstone or launching pad. Or we could carry on with our same old same old. The choice is ours. Think it through or not. 

P.S. EVERYONE has 15 minutes. Everyone!

With Gratitude,

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