The other day, my daughter, Katie, was returning home from Trader Joe’s when she came upon a traffic circle in Princeton. She actually had the right of way, but chose to stop when she saw a USPS truck on its way through the circle. He slowed down as he approached her, knowing she had the right of way, only to find her waving him on. He was so excited by her generosity that he stretched out his arm, pointing at her as he rounded the circle, with a big smile on his face, as if to say, “Girlfriend—you rock!”

Katie arrived home grinning from ear to ear. She shared the story with us and explained how happy his gesture made her. Imagine that: no words spoken, just one gesture of thanks completely changed someone’s day. She will likely never meet this man to tell him how happy he made her. He was a game-changer.

We can be game-changers, too, right? His action was spontaneous, but what’s wrong with being an intentional game-changer? All he did was point his finger and smile! His action was 100% free and it took all of 5-seconds. Game changer. Hmm. It looks like we all have the capacity to be a game changer IF we want to be. So, do you want to be? Will you be? The choice is ours – every day!

With Gratitude,

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