“Of all forms of wisdom, hindsight is by general consent the least merciful (and) the most unforgiving.” ~ John Fletcher

In my Beth’s Book Club 2021 on Wednesday night, we had a fantastic discussion about all the time we waste as a result of our technology. Social media, of course, was deemed the worst. But our conversation wasn’t so much about wasting time, as it was about what we could do with the time we got back. We talked about how fulfilling it is to create something with our hands and how we are looking forward to a break in this weather so we can get back outside.

This pandemic is over a year old right now. We all talk about what we will do when “life goes back to normal.” But for a second, I want all of us to mentally travel to when this pandemic is actually behind us and we can look back. How would you finish this sentence: I had all that free time during the pandemic and I squandered it. I really wish I had…”.

“We say we waste time, but that is impossible; we waste ourselves.” Alice Boch

Yes, we made sourdough and we cleaned out a few rooms, but what else? If we could go back to the end of 2019 and someone whispered in our ear, “Hey, you’re about to get a lot of time to yourself so plan accordingly,” what would you have done? Before we have a hindsight moment, I want us to consider having a foresight moment. Hindsight tends to have a very bitter aftertaste, but foresight, not so much.

With Gratitude,


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