“By reaching for what appears to be impossible, we often actually do the impossible.” Jack Welch

This has happened to all of us, right? You’re forced, in some way, to do something you’ve never done before. Maybe it’s a boss who gives you a challenge, or you challenge yourself, or maybe you’re simply in a predicament you didn’t expect to find yourself in, and the road ahead seems impossible. There is no choice but to move forward, so you do.

While you are in the middle of this “impossible journey,” you don’t stop to think, “Wow, this is impossible.” You might complain, or feel frustrated or annoyed, and you certainly feel challenged, but you keep going. You keep going because there’s no other choice. It’s only at the end of this journey that you will likely pause and reflect on what you have just accomplished. It is then that you will likely say to yourself, “I thought that was going to be impossible!” It is also when you will likely say, “I’m proud of myself.”

What do you think is IMPOSSIBLE right now? Really ask yourself that question, but more importantly, answer it as well. Write it down. Pick one thing that you’d love to accomplish, one thing that has seemed out of reach—maybe even impossible—and go for it. Believe Jack Welch at his word. He certainly proved to be successful. I just wrote down my “impossible,” what about you?

With Gratitude,


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