“Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems.” ~ Gever Tully

While I was driving yesterday, I began thinking about all the modern day conveniences we have at our disposal that have made life arguably simpler but definitely faster. Take the drive-thru; we love knowing we don’t even have to get out of the car to get our coffee or hamburger or whatever. But have you ever arrived at a drive-thru, only to find the line so long that it is no longer the faster choice? Then, perhaps begrudgingly, you choose to get out of your car and go in to place your order. It’s highly likely that you are at least a little bit annoyed at your predicament. (I find it hilarious that the fast food then isn’t fast enough!)

We all love the easy road. It’s faster, it’s simpler, it’s more efficient. But what happens when it’s not? Then we have no other choice but to choose the hard road. Some people never seem to have to travel on the hard road. I’ve done my fair share of miles on the hard road, especially when I was younger. Sometimes, I wonder if my kids know the hard road. I’m sure I never wanted them to have to travel on that road, but now I think I may have done them a disservice. If you have never had to travel on the hard road, what do you do when there is no other road to travel on BUT the hard road?

The easy road teaches us NOTHING. The easy road prepares us for NOTHING. No one wants to always be on the hard road, but I believe the hard road is a gift. Persistence and resilience are just two of the attributes we acquire having traveled the hard road, but there are many more. So today, look at some of things in your life that are more difficult right now and know it’s the hard road, and that’s ok, because it’s making you even tougher than you were before. Let’s go, we got this!

With Gratitude,


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