“All things are possible. Who you are is limited only by who you think you are.” — Egyptian Book of the Dead

Who are you? Have you asked yourself that question recently? Your immediate answer might be a mom/dad, or an executive, or an athlete, or maybe all three, or maybe something completely different. Is who you are—in your mind’s eye—limited to what you have already achieved? I’m guessing that is the case for most, if not all, of us.

Growing up, my family definitely struggled, at times, to make ends meet. My mom loved jewelry, although I’m sure most of what she owned was costume. One day I saw her wearing a black dress and lots of pearl necklaces. She looked amazing. I commented on the pearls and she said, “Oh, I love Barbara Bush, I love everything about her. And I love that she is completely true to herself, even as the First Lady. She is not looking for anyone’s approval.” I loved my mom’s vision of who she wanted to be aesthetically as well as characteristically. 

So maybe we need to think beyond who we are now and think about who we’d like to become. How would we change if we dangle the carrot out in front? Would we change who we are and start to become who we’d like to be? Of course we would, because, like my mom, we might begin to dress and act differently. What is your vision for yourself? All things are possible. We are only limited by who we think we are. So let’s think BIGGER, for goodness sake! Why wouldn’t we? It’s just a thought away.

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought” — Buddha

With Gratitude,

“You are an alchemist. Make gold of that.” — William Shakespeare (Timon of Athens, 1623)

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