It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” ~John Wooden

I read a book years ago, by John Wooden, which was eponymously named, Wooden. I vividly remember the beginning of the book describing how Wooden began each year with his new team painstaking teaching the young men how to properly put on socks. Wooden’s reasoning was that he ultimately wanted them to be able to run for a very long time and the only thing that could possibly prevent that from happening would be the formation of a blister. Knowing how to properly put on a sock, that did not bunch up in any way, was Wooden’s way of maintaining healthy feet.

We’ve been in our “new normal” for a while now. A lot of us thought this would be temporary, but temporary has a whole new meaning now that there is no clear end in sight. Consequently, have you started to think about the little things—the details? Remember Wooden started with the big things and then worked his way back to all the little things that would make the big things possible.

Today, I want each of us to find 5 “little things” that we can act on. Here are some focal points: spouse, children, parents, friends, colleagues, boss, career, job, philanthropy, personal growth, health, home, spirituality, etc. Wooden was correct when he state, “Little things make big things happen.” But that only happens if we act. Thinking it will not make it so. Be great. Let’s GO! We got this.

With Gratitude,

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