“Nothing in the world causes so much misery as uncertainty.” ~ Martin Luther 

The one thing we all have plenty of right now, in addition to beans and, if you’re lucky, toilet paper, is uncertainty. There has been no way of avoiding it; it blanketed the rich and the poor alike. It didn’t skip a generation or bypass a race, a religion, or a sexual preference. And when this uncertainty rolled in, like an unwelcomed guest, it left a staggering amount of fear in it’s wake.

How do we overcome uncertainty when it seems as though that is all we have? Here are three tips that can help right now. First, acknowledge, out loud, that you have faced uncertainty before—many times, as a matter of fact. And you have successfully made it through before and you will
again. Second, stop resisting it. Accept that you have no control over the pandemic because you don’t. Neither do I. But we do have control over ourselves and how we choose to handle it. Control what you can. And third, envision the best, not in some pollyanna way, but the best and most realistic scenarios. People tend to overestimate the negatives which results in worry and anxiety. Instead, focus on positioning yourself for a successful outcome.

Here is what we all need to realize about uncertainty—it’s where fear and creativity cross paths. At this juncture, we get to choose the path we want to take. Both are equally available to us. Our mind BEGS us to choose fear, but it’s really important for all of us to know there is another option and that’s creativity. So I’m going to BEG all of us today to choose creativity! Come on! We got this! Let’s go create!

With Gratitude,

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