“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient.” Steve Maraboli

I believe most of us have given a great deal of thought to “when this is all over.” I know we all have heard the news about this being the first true pandemic of this magnitude since 1917 and we are using words like “unprecedented,” “massive uncertainty,” and “catastrophic.” But the truth is, we have been in this spot before. 

It is true that we have not been in a global pandemic before, but this is life. I can’t speak for your life, but mine has been filled with ups and downs, trials and tribulations; that is what life is! This is the first time that I have faced the same mountain the whole world is facing, but this is NOT the first time I have faced a mountain. Heck no—not by a long shot!

So on this blessed Friday, I am encouraging all of us to remember that we have seen this mountain before. Perhaps it came in the form of the death of a loved one, a divorce, or something else, but we have been in this exact spot and we somehow prevailed because of our own strength, resilience, and perseverance, as well as some love from our family and friends. Today, stop thinking about the power of COVID-19 and start thinking about the power of YOU! That’s right, you! Come on, we got this!

With Gratitude,

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