“To handle yourself, use your head. To handle others, use your heart.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor, you nailed it! Easier said than done, but this may be my favorite leadership quote! And if you think “leader” is not a word that describes you, think again. In some way, we are all leaders. 

Take a minute to think about who you lead. Is it a direct report, a protege’, or your child? Most of us will use our best go-to strategy and think our way to the most logical, intelligent, and discerning answer to help our underling. But what would happen if we added one more step? What would happen if we incorporated our heart before we acted. What if we asked our heart to process our very logical, intelligent, and discerning answer before we delivered it? Do you believe it would change our actions even ever so slightly?

Leadership is like football – it’s a game of inches. It’s the small things that make the biggest difference. It’s listening to your heart. It’s valuing the relationship. It’s being authentic. It’s showing compassion. It’s being honest and kind. And it’s definitely not being afraid to say, “I screwed up! I’m sorry.” This kind of leader gives power a whole new meaning. This leader is confident. It’s classic push vs pull. Pull will always win in the long run.

With Gratitude,

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