“See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

If you ever need a reboot in life, definitely read some Wayne Dyer quotes. Who in your life, at work or otherwise, is challenging your patience and perhaps leaning on your very last nerve? Do you have a visual of who this might be? I know I do. 

How would things change if we applied Dyer’s quote? Can you visualize the light in this person now? What is the light that Dyer describes? For me, it is their soul, their innate goodness that was there from the beginning but it got all mucked up and covered in hardened layers over time from the inescapable challenges of life. These layers continued to be added to the point now where the light is almost imperceptible. But Dyer reminds us it is still there in all of us.

What if the light was all we saw in these people? What would happen if we chose to ignore the muck and mire? They intentionally covered themselves in this mess so they could ultimately protect the light, right? Will we choose to not only see the light, but to treat them as if that is all we see? The choice is ours. This is absolutely high-level enlightened thinking, therefore it won’t be easy but it will be amazingly rewarding—for both.

Happy Friday!
PS Another great quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer that applies here as well is, “There are no dark nights of the soul; there are only dark nights of the ego.

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