“God’s big plan: go love everybody always!” ~ Bob Goff

My daughter suggested I read a book that she had just completed, Everybody Always Book. This suggestion carried more weight than most as it came from my daughter who I have not seen read a book for fun in, well, almost ever. She has dyslexia so reading can be tedious for her although I observed her reading this particular book with every free moment she had. She continually said “You guys have to read this book when I’m done!”

So, she’s done. I didn’t hesitate to begin reading—her recommendation was too convincing. I didn’t even read the back cover before starting so I didn’t know what I was getting into. Bob Goff wrote a fantastic book about loving everybody always. Simple, right? For me, I would love to believe I already do that but the truth is it is easier said than done. And Bob Goff has 24 brilliant stories, poignantly written with tremendous humor that remind me I can do better – way better!

If you buy the book, then buy a new highlighter as well; you’re going to need it. It’s filled with lines you’ll want to remember and share. We all need to read this book. Start with your immediate circle: who needs to be loved that you are not loving? Maybe you love them but are you loving them? “Love everybody always” is a conscious decision. Here’s your first #ReTweet “You don’t need to save up love like you’re going to need it later.” Give it a try. Remember: Everybody, Always!

Happy Friday,

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