“The things that count the most in life are the things that can’t be counted.” Unknown

Yesterday was a rough day. I’m sure you have had days like that that leave no margin for error, have unexpected and unwanted drama, and if it could go wrong it did go wrong. In a nutshell, the day went sideways — quickly and painfully.

By 6 pm though everything had settled down. Doug and I ate a nice dinner on the porch then we walked to the end of our street to watch the fireworks display coming from our local high school. After the fireworks, our kids came home with their friends to enjoy the fire pit. I went outside to say goodnight when it hit me: three of my kids having fun together! No arguing, bickering, or merciless teasing. I felt an amazing sense of joy and gratitude. It was a priceless moment that made my bad day seem insignificant. 

It’s hard to count our blessings at all times, especially when we’re in the thick of things but at some point, we should. Yesterday, I was having a bit of a pity-party earlier in the day. I forgot what counted: dinner with my husband, amazing fireworks, and watching my teenage kids get along. What aren’t you counting? Look around, start counting your blessings. I’ll bet there are droves of blessings you are overlooking. I certainly was.

Happy Friday!

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