“Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times that the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.” Bob Riley

Do you like this quote? I am assuming you, like me, have had hard times you can easily recollect, but I have never looked at myself as a hero as a result of overcoming those hard times. Moreover, I certainly didn’t think the hero was already in me!

Can this quote open up the possibility for us to look at ourselves differently? The ‘hero’ is already within us! We need the hard times to expose the hero, to draw the hero out that resides in all of us. Our inner-hero lies dormant until the need arises for us to put on our cape and get to work! That’s really important for us to know.

Think about when you were a hero. Was it after the loss of a loved one? Was it at work or at home? Was it tied to a cause or a person? Was it an adult or a child? You have been a hero before and you will be a hero again. You might even need to tap into this latent gene now. Go be bold, courageous, daring, and fearless—the cape and tights are, of course, optional!

With Gratitude, Beth

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