“Adversity introduces a man to himself.”
—Albert Einstein

Nobody has ever said, “Please, make life more challenging; I really hate when things are going smoothly!” But it is exactly during those time that we learn the most about ourselves.

When things are going well, we are on auto-pilot and that requires no thinking at all. Once adversity is introduced, the pilot in us had better wake up and pay attention. Now, not only are we going to see what we are made of but also we are going to discover things we never knew about ourselves and the challenges we are facing.

If you are currently facing some challenges, they could likely be blessings in disguise. The universe has something for you to learn about yourself. The answer lies in relinquishing the fight; counterintuitive, I know. Acceptance and surrender are where we learn the lesson. And surrender does not mean roll over, it means “I am ready to listen to the message now. When you hear the message, moving forward will be a whole lot easier.

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