“I’m not going to coach you to who you are, I’m going to coach you to who you should be someday.” ~ Doc Rivers

I was watching a documentary about Doc Rivers on Netflix the other day with my husband and my daughter. When he spoke this sentence, I immediately wrote it down, knowing I wanted to share these powerful words with you.

These words are the bedrock of a great coach, a great leader, a great parent, a great friend, etc. “Who you should be someday” doesn’t stop at being a great basketball player, colleague, child, spouse, or friend; no, that statement is talking about the whole person. So being a great basketball player and a crappy spouse isn’t going to float. Making a lot of money, but not giving back to society isn’t going to work either. “Who you should be someday,” is talking about the whole package, so today we need to look at the whole package.

Who are you capable of being someday? Jot down some areas of your life for review. Start with spouse, parent, daughter, son, employee, philanthropy, passions, spirituality, etc., and ask yourself—Who do I want to become someday soon? Who you are may be great; who you should be someday is even better! Let’s go! We got this!

With Gratitude,


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