“Some of the people who don’t want you to win are standing next to you, rooting for you with one hand and pushing your shoulder down with the other.” ~ Unknown

Why is this so often he case? I could talk about these people in our lives and their insecurities or their limitations, but why? We can’t change their thoughts or feelings, we can only change ours! So any time we spend on them is wasted time.

It’s important to know our inner circle—the people we know, no matter what, have our back. They are rooting for us every step of the way. They don’t care if our head is higher than theirs. These people are also our truth-tellers. They will give it to us straight. If we’re lucky, we will have 2 or 3 of these people in our life and they are such a priceless gift! If you haven’t given this any thought, now is the time.

By pinpointing and naming our inner circle, we now know who truly has our back. We should also count ourselves in that priceless group—we should always be rooting for ourselves as well. We don’t need everybody to want us to succeed, so we shouldn’t be disappointed when we identify those that aren’t rooting for us. It’s a total waste of time. Let’s simply look at our small, yet powerful and supportive, fan club and know that is all we need! It’s a priceless gift, so let’s spend our energy focusing on them and how lucky we are!

With Gratitude,


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