“Do you want to be happy or do you not want to be happy? It is really that simple.” ~ Michael Singer from The Untethered Soul

I am currently reading this fabulous book again and I stumbled upon this quote yesterday. Singer goes on to mention that we are only on this planet for a very short time, relatively speaking, so why would we want to choose anything but happiness?

But my “Aha” moment came when he explained that we make “happy” conditional. All we want is peace and to enjoy life, yet we make our happiness conditional on not only the behavior of other people but also on our own behavior! The truth is, happiness does not have to be conditional. We can be happy regardless of everything going on around us! “WHAT?”

So, we need to answer the question, “Do you want to be happy?” If the answer is “Yes” then we need to let all the other stuff go. Our time here is short. If you find yourself saying, “Yes, but”, give unconditional happiness a try. When your boss/spouse/child is behaving cantankerously, let it go. Choose happiness. It might be that simple.

Happy Friday!

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