I’m sure you’ve heard of the classic “wants versus needs” question when it comes to budgeting. It becomes a lot easier to make difficult financial decisions when we break down our line items into wants and needs. It doesn’t always feel good when we realize that something we really want is not a need, and ends up being cut out of the budget. Some people never learn to separate the two, but regardless of your financial situation, I believe it’s important to differentiate between want and need.

We can use “wants versus needs” elsewhere in our life, even when these items don’t have a tangible financial value. What are your wants versus needs for your health? That’s a big one, because without our health, some of the other “wants versus needs” won’t matter. What about some of your relationships? Do you have and “wants versus needs” there? What about happiness? Work-life balance? Peace? Fulfillment? Stress? Joy? Freedom? Love?

Take a look at some of these “wants versus needs” that I just mentioned, or maybe you have a few of your own. Ask yourself some really important questions like, “Do I want happiness, or do I need happiness? Do I want good health or do I need good health? Do I want less stress or do I need less stress? Do I want love or do I need love?” Add any questions you have. We are living a life that is difficult beyond measure right now—and a lot of what you think is a “want,” I know is a “need!” Only you can make this a priority and I really hope you do. This “wants versus needs” list isn’t for your budget, it’s for your soul. You deserve all of these priceless things in life. Make them your “needs”— it’s that important!



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