Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Recently I have felt like there weren’t enough hours in the day, like I was treading water in the deep end, and that stuff was falling through the cracks. Do you resonate with any of these feelings? 

What should we do when we feel this way? And curling up in a ball is definitely not the right answer! One of the techniques I use when I am feeling this way is to stop long enough to do a “Brain Dump.” Grab a pen and paper and get everything out of your head that is on your plate and making you feel overwhelmed. You might want to add a trusted friend or advisor, as well, who will be brutally honest when they say, “That shouldn’t even be on your plate—delegate,” or “This is a top priority for you.”

Doing more and doing it faster is NOT how we conquer feelings of overwhelm. Putting it down on paper is slower and scarier, but it is a great hack for us to see what is actually on our plate and decide what stays, what goes, and what is the order of our priorities. Keeping it all in our head is actually the reason for our overwhelm – it’s our head saying, “Too much, cannot process, HELP!”

With Gratitude,


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