Yesterday, my husband and I took our daughter to see the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen. What a profound and thought-provoking show about suicide and the basic human desire to fit in and be accepted. The audience was privy to an inside view of one person who felt not only lonely and forgotten but as if his existence might be pointless. Just typing these words brings me to tears.

Do you know someone who might fall into this category? In the play, it was the self-professed “loser”, geek, nerd, or weirdo. But it’s really anyone who feels marginalized, right? Anyone who has been shoved to the margins because they aren’t “important enough” to be in the body of the work. Visualize that for a second. Look at the margins here; it’s the empty lonely white space. 

I bet, at some point, we have all felt marginalized. It’s being on the outside looking in and it’s not a good feeling. You might want to take a few minutes to listen to one of the songs, You Will Be Found. Are you feeling like you are part of the group or part of the margin? Can you reach out your hand? Thank you Dear Evan Hansen for bringing such a powerful message to Broadway because

With Gratitude,

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