I was on a call last night and a bright and profoundly insightful young woman said, “Never get over the wonder of it all.” I believe she made all of us sit up and pay attention with that one sentence. It doesn’t matter what she was referencing, it matters that we apply it to our own life ASAP.

Wonder comes from an Old English word, “wundor,” which means marvelous thing, miracle, object of astonishment. How does that apply to our life? We forget the wonder and we fall into the mundane, the indifference, and the taken for granted. But we can reengage with wonder simply by choosing to do so—it’s our intention to see wonder that allows it to be.

Today, WONDER about how you ended up where you are right now and with whom. WONDER about the miracle of your children. WONDER about where you are geographically. WONDER about your job and your colleagues. WONDER about your many blessings. WONDER about your talents. And WONDER about why you’re on this planet. Things could be very different—so periodically, or maybe even daily, “Never get over the wonder of it all.”

With Gratitude,


P.S. I hope you read the title of this post in your best Andy Rooney voice!

My photo from atop Machu Picchu, shortly after sunrise, in 2018.
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