The pandemic has brought us many things—some good, some bad. Two things I hear people talking about more often now are burnout, mainly with work-life, and bore-out, mainly with home-life. The constant continuum of “never” leaving our homes has made life incredibly stressful and in so many ways. Maybe you, too, have found yourself occasionally feeling anxious, sad, depressed, on edge, snippy, angry, or a multitude of other not-so-pleasant emotions? This is normal because the situation we find ourselves in is not so normal.

There used to be organic breaks separating each part of our day and we no longer have those. It’s one long continuum of home; wake up, start work, work, end work, dinner, t.v., bed. All this happens in about the same 300 square feet (or less), day in and day out! WHAT? That would make anyone feel a little stir-crazy.

My suggestion for us today is to do nothing—well, at least for about 5 minutes a day. When work ends (and please tell me you designate a time each day to stop work), find a comfortable place (outside would be great) to sit and do nothing. Close your eyes if you want, practice deep breathing, or just relax before you “come home” for the evening. Pretend it’s your commute if you want, but enjoy doing nothing. Intentionally break the monotony. Without this scheduled break, work and home are the same place and that, my friend, is incredibly unhealthy—for everyone!

With Gratitude,


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