This past Sunday, I drove to Washington, DC to bring my daughter, Katie, back to college and to visit with my eldest daughter, Devon. Before leaving NJ I announced to my husband that I was NOT driving the Yukon Denali, our largest vehicle and the one that made the most sense in carting all of Katie’s college belongings, because the cruise control is broken. I asserted it was too long of a drive to not have cruise control.

So we piled everything into a much smaller car, making everything crowded, just so I could have cruise control. Do you use cruise control? It’s a little bit like autopilot, right? You can’t take a nap, but you really don’t have to think. You just steer the car and try not to hit anything—hoping that it all turns out OK. Cruise control eliminates all strategic maneuvering, speed changes, and control, to a degree. 

Are you on cruise control in your life? Before you say, “No,” ask yourself a few questions: “Is this what I want to be doing?” “Is this who I want to be?” “If I’m in this same spot a year from now, will I be happy?” Right now I want you to tap on the brake; shut down cruise control. If we were in the car that would force us to take control again or the car would slowly come to a stop. Tap on the brake and check in. I don’t want you in the same spot a year from now! Cruise control is mindless and you are not going to live a mindless life…not on my watch!

With Gratitude,

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