Now more than ever, in light of all that has gone on in the world over the last few months, communication is king. And silence, well, that has the potential to be a very unwanted and deadly poison. To be clear, great communication is equally important with our work colleagues as well as within our own families. 

Silence gets misunderstood and misinterpreted. It breeds confusion, friction, disconnection, and mistrust. It sabotages motivation, camaraderie, and sadly, relationships. This is an historic time filled with uncertainly and confusion. The global pandemic and George Floyd will not be forgotten and they are not going away. They deserve discussion.

If you are part of a work team or a family—opening the lines of communication is arguably the most important thing you can do right now. Great communication creates a positive dynamic and a mutual understanding; people feel heard, valued, understood and plugged-in. Some of these conversations may be difficult, but it will always be better than not having them. With silence, the dose makes the poison. And when poison is slowly seeping into an organization or a family, that is never a good thing. Be brave enough to say, “Hey, can we talk?” Be a leader not a follower.

With Gratitude,

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