In light of all that has happened so far in 2020, I can’t help but think of how we’ve changed. The news will tell us all about the negative impacts from the isolation, the increase in mental health issues, and possible PTSD diagnoses, but I truly believe there is another, more positive, side to this equation.

I have noticed how my heart fills up when I see my neighbors now. I’m not in a rush to move on to my next task anymore, I enthusiastically stop and chat. The people I have taken for granted, some for years, are now precious and dear. In fact, they were always precious and dear, it was I who lost sight of how important they are to me. 

All of this reflection reminds me of The Rabbi’s Gift, by M. Scott Peck, MD, which was written in 1987. The message from this incredibly short but powerful piece of work is universal, although, at first glance it will appear Christian. Peck’s directive is not about simply looking for the light in others but knowing, resolutely, that it’s there. It’s about seeing that same light in ourselves. And by adopting that mindset—we change the world! Will you take 3 minutes to read The Rabbi’s Gift? You could change the world.

With Gratitude,

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