I write these posts every day to encourage and motivate you and me. Many of you take the time to read it everyday and others pop in when it works for them—it’s all good. What I hear a lot is that there is way more reading than there is acting, and that’s ok, but I want to share an idea with you that might change that.

All of us do it. We read some great idea, but don’t act because there’s no one calling us out on it. If someone did say, “Why aren’t you doing that,” we’d begin our response with, “I would, but…” And after the “but” would be an excuse, it might even be a true excuse or our best excuse, but an excuse nonetheless. Excuses don’t get us very far, so let’s try to look at this in a different way.

Within the “But” sentence is an, “I can’t.” If you’re saying, “I can’t…,” most people will leave it there. I want you to ask yourself, “Well, what can you do?” If you can’t do ___, What can you do?” “But” is an excuse. “I can’t” is another stopping point. Action is what is going to change who we are for the better, so I’m fine with all of our, “I can’t” statements as long as we follow it up with, “But I can do…” What CAN you do? Let’s start there. Think in terms of health (physical and mental), career, finances, family, etc. What CAN you do? That’s the action step we are looking for!

With Gratitude,


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