What was your “Big Win” yesterday? When you look back on the last 24 hours, what was it that made the day great? It doesn’t have to be win the lottery great, just great to you. Do you know what it was? 

I had two big wins. First was finally getting the batteries changed in the key fob for my car for FREE by the dealer. This has been irritating me for a while now as it made the car persnickety when turning it on and occasionally it would prevent me from being able to lock the car. And second, I had a simple yet relaxing dinner with my husband and my mother-in-law at home. These were my big wins; simple wins, yet big.

What often happens in life is we find ourselves focusing on the bad or the frustrating and overlooking the good. For example, I burnt my finger rather badly yesterday pulling cookies out of the oven. Then I burnt my arm later on on the steam from the kettle. I didn’t get any exercise. I struggled to stay focused at work, so I felt unproductive. And I had the worst breakfast ever (I love food, so that was a bummer for me). So what if, every day, we stopped to think about The Big Win? It changes our mindset. At first glance, yesterday was “Meh,” but after citing my “Big Wins,” I now believe the day was pretty darn good! This isn’t putting lipstick on the pig, it’s actually taking the time to notice how lucky we are to have a pig in the first place! Here’s to your Big Wins!

With Gratitude,

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