Tonight, in my Emerging Leaders Development Program, we will be discussing self-doubt and confidence. I decided to add this to the syllabus because I hear clients share stories of self-doubt all the time. And self-doubt is our harshest critic, it makes us ask, “but what if,” and it singlehandedly kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Let’s do a little math this morning. Think of just one thing that you have dreamt of bringing to the world. Is it a business? Is it art? Is it your humanitarian efforts? I know what my one thing is as well. Do you know why you didn’t bring it to the world yet? You might blame it on money or time, I know I do, but the truth is It’s your own self-doubt, isn’t it? Me, too! So if there are 7.8 billion people in the world, how many brilliant ideas are stuck in the minds of people, just like us, riddled with self-doubt? The answer is: BILLIONS!

Self-doubt is supported by things like: comparing ourselves to others, fear of failure, caring about the opinions of others, etc. Compare yourself to your former self, it’s the only comparison that matters. Reframe failure by giving yourself permission to learn and grow, which includes stumbling and falling. And when we care about other people’s opinions, we stop living our own life, which often results in regret. Today is your choice, will you push your way through self-doubt? I have committed to bringing my project to market by September 1st! Will you join me? I’d love to support you. No more self-doubt for us, right? Come on, it’s time to be brave!

With Gratitude,


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