As some of you know, we have had a few cases of COVID here at the Fitzgerald household—4 (of 6) to be exact. Two of which were my son and daughter who are college athletes at their respective colleges. They both had very comprehensive “return to play” guidelines that had to be met, which included a full cardiac work-up. This cardiac work-up was no joke and I’m incredibly grateful for our insurance because I can’t even imagine what the total bill would have been without it.

Needless to say, I have had my fair share of conversations with Cigna since October. Eventually, we were given a dedicated contact at Cigna to help us navigate the entire process, which was so incredibly helpful. Many of the conversations took place on speaker phone so we all heard how the women at Cigna handled this situation. They were so amazing that even my daughter commented the other day while I was on hold, “Why do I know she is not only handling your claim, but she’s probably also solving world peace while she’s at it!” She was right, this woman was that good; out of 10, she was a 20!

This woman made me think about us and how we rank. Are you a 10 out of 10 at work? What about at home? Are you going above and beyond with your colleagues or your family? Or are you doing the minimum? Who needs you to up your game? There’s someone in your life that needs you to be exactly like the woman at Cigna. She made my life easy; she had all the answers or set out to get them for me. We should all be that good at work or at home. Today, I want us all to up our game! Let’s go above and beyond and see what happens. Are you in? I hope so. And to the women at Cigna, I’m sending you my heartfelt, “Thank you!” You made a frightening and uncertain time so much more navigable, and for that, I am grateful.

With Gratitude,


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