I recently read an anonymous quote that asserted one form of h*ll is meeting the person you could have been. Can you imagine that meeting? I can feel the pain right now in my heart. I can infer how disappointed I would be to know there was more for me and somewhere along the way I stopped trying or I took a wrong turn. 

To avoid this potentially disastrous run-in, we have to evaluate the person we are now and the person we would like to be in the future and then get moving! It’s all about closing the gap. But how do we do that? 

First, every day must be intentionally planned to close the gap. Second, we must enforce a deadline. Third, we have to be brave and take action steps every day, even if they’re baby steps. Fourth, we must find an accountability partner to travel the road with; we will both make each other better.

And once we become that future person—we get to pick a new future person we want to become and begin all over again. The possibilities are endless! LET’S GO! We got this

With Gratitude,
PS I’m talking to my accountability partner at 11:30 am today. What about you?

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