There is a great quote by Hamlet that I love: “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” As an all encompassing statement, we would have to shoot holes through Hamlet’s axiom because bad things do happen like the death of a loved one, a worldwide pandemic, war, famine, etc.

But if we look at it from Hamlet’s original intent, I believe he was referring more to our day-to-day events like getting stuck in traffic, disagreeing with a co-worker or family member, a slow internet connections, etc. Let’s take a good look at something that has us upset us. If Hamlet is correct and nothing is either good or bad, how can we manage our thoughts around it? We viewed it as bad because our thoughts made it so. Could our thoughts also make it good? Let’s use the slow internet as an example, we struggled with that yesterday. Yes, it was frustrating, but life went on. Maybe it was an opportunity to revisit the connection or take a break. There were many thoughts that could have been had, but we chose frustrated.

Thoughts are incredibly powerful things and they manifest in our body and effect our health every day. The more “bad things” that happen in our life, the more unhealthy our life will be. Shakespeare, through Hamlet, had the wisdom of discerning that good and bad gets determined in our thoughts. So if we dont like how things are going in our life, then let’s think a new thought—a better, happier, more positive thought. We’re in control! Let’s GO!

With Gratitude,


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