A Hole In The Wall

I saw this picture posted on Instagram HQ by my daughter who is fresh out of college, living on her own in DC, and beginning to decorate her first apartment. When I saw the caption I laughed out loud. “Fear of nailing things into the wall.” Really? It’s just a wall. There’s spackle, paint, strategic picture movement, toothpaste (LOL), and, of course, a bigger picture. There are so many solutions—the hole is far from permanent.

It might be helpful if all of us made that picture our screensaver! It could remind us of how scared we are to make a move. How we let fear keep us from making our lives not only a little bit more “beautiful” but way more beautiful. There is nothing gratifying about a blank wall. Yet we leave it blank for fear of a tiny hole that quite frankly is so incredibly fixable!

Get out your hammer, folks! We’re going to put some holes in the wall. Aren’t you tired of looking at this blank wall? How long have you looked at it and said: “I know what I want there, but what if…” Hang the picture for goodness sake, we can fix the little holes along the way. We’ll use toothpaste if we have to. The wall has been blank for way too long! Be brave. We got this!

With Gratitude,

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